My podcasts list

I'm stuck in the trafic for about one hour each day. I hate commercial radio and because I listen to a lot of music during my development hours I'm kind of tired of listening to the same thing again and again. So I start to listen to a couple of podcasts. I tough a could share my list.

I'm using Instacast on my iPhone to keep track of all my podcasts.

Podcast I listen every week

Build and analyze

Hosted by Dan Benjamin and Marco Arment (Instapaper). It's on the network. It's a show about the world of iPhone, iPad and mobile development. That's by far my favorite one.


Hosted by Gene Crawford ( and Carl Smith (nGen Works). They talk about their respective business and the challenge to run a Web shop.

The Industry

Adam Stacoviak, Drew Wilson and Jared Erondu are join by a special guest each week to talk about the web industry.

Shop Talk show

Chris Coyier (Css-Tricks), Dave Rupert and their campfire sound keyboard chat about web design and development. The RAPIDFIRE episodes are just epic.


Another podcasts. This time it's about Apple and guitar (yup weird mix). It's host again by Dan Benjamin and Jim Dalrymple (Loop Insight). The show is split in two half so the subject don't overlaps.

Podcast I listen once in a while

The East wing

Interview podcast host by Tim Smith and Galen Gidman.

Founders Talk

Another interview podcast this time hosted by Adam Stacoviak. He talks with startups founders. It's very similar to Foundation.

Shrink that feed!

After the Iron web competition, I spoke with one of the judge (@jmlacroix) about our twitter feed. He explained to me that his feed contain about 60 people only cause he want to read everything in his feed. It make rethink a little bit how I see twitter.

To follow back or not

I had a couple of discussions with other folks if we should follow back someone. Some say that it's a manner of respect to follow back your followers. It cost you nothing and it show some respect. Me? I don't care! I want to follow people that I want to read their tweets. I don't want to follow someone to make him feel special.

Too many followings

I have a small problem with twitter, I must read everything that passed in my feed. I want to know what is happening right now in the web development world and twitter is the perfect tool for that. The problem is that I probably lost too much time reading my feed. Seriously! I removed my notifications to stop me going in twitter the second a tweet landed in my feed. I tried to close twitter but I always reopened it a couples of minutes later. The only solution that I founded was to reduce the numbers of messages in my feed.

Machete time!

Before the Iron web, I had about 500 followings. It was the max that I were able to handle. Since, I unfollow 275 people to a count of 225 followings. It was one of the best move that I did since I am on twitter.

How I decide who I unfollow

  • Unfollow all account that didn't post for a long period of time.
  • If you talk too much, like one tweet per minute (I don't care about what), you're out.
  • Unfollow the big stars (like @BarackObama )
  • Unfollow any system that post automatically to twitter (except @newsycombinator)
  • If you talk only about your cat, you're also out

I'm also trying to reduce the number of retweet in my feed. I deactivate a lot of retweet for the user that did it too much. I don't mind a retweet per day, but if you did it 6 times in 10 minutes, it's too much!

It felt good!

My fear of missing something is still there. But I founded out that if a big news goes out, you will know it anyway, no matters how many followings you have.

I can also close twitter, come back 6 hours later and still be able to read everything without losing my time or my mind.

I'm always trying to shrink my twitter feed. So if I unfollow you, don't take it personally, I just want to read my twitter and still have a life!

(Another) Ideas of march

After reading a lot of Ideas of March (here, here, here and here), I realize that I missed blogging so much. Not that I was a good writer back in the days, but I loved to sit back and clarify my thoughts before putting them on paper. I loved the feeling of being proud of something that clearly take time to build. I want to take the time to think about a subject that passionate me and share it to everyone. So here I am, back in the blog world.

Who are you?

For those asking, I'm a 26 years old Web developer living in Quebec City. I'm currently working for a canadian real estate company called I'm also the co-founder of, an app that help you find music, movie or book from people you respect the opinion.

But Quebec is a french city right?

Yeah! I'm a french guy and one of the goal of this blog is to improve my English writing. I want to inching up my vocabulary. I want my blog to force me to think in english so when I'm traveling I'll be much more confident speaking to others. So please send me an email if you find somes mistake (cause there will be) in my writing, I'll be very grateful.

About what?

I want to write about one post per 2 or 3 weeks on subject that I love (isn't what blogging is?). I'll try to share some good and bad moment of my web development life. Maybe I'll post some line of code. I will also talk about sports, music, Apple, beer, wine, etc.

I hope you'll like it!